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Venice Food Guide: Eating Your Way Through The Lagoon City

Venice Food Guide: Eating Your Way Through The Lagoon City

A few weeks ago, we found ourselves wandering through the narrow, cobblestoned alleys of charming Venice. Obviously, while navigating our way through this fascinating lagoon city, we made several stops to enjoy superb food and a glass – or two – of spritz at our favourite restaurants, bàcari and caffès. As this was our 8th visit to Venice (one of the perks of living in Central Europe), we were able to sample quite a few traditional Venetian dishes over the course of time, both sweet and savoury.  Therefore, today, I’d like to share our Venice Food Guide with you.

Venice Food Guide: Lo Spritz - Aperol 11

Osteria Al Squero

Osteria Al Squero is probably our favourite hangout for an aperitivo and cichèti in all of Venice. You can sit down at the tables inside or, as most people do, stand outside on the pavement along the canal while eating your crostini and enjoying a glass of Venetian spritz. It’s a really pretty spot for eating and hanging out with friends as you can watch the boats sailing into and out of the lagoon. Our favourite is the “cichèti al baccalà mantecato”, a crostini topped with a mousse of whipped salted cod.

Osteria Al Squero | Dorsoduro, 943-944, 30123 Venezia

Bar Alla Toletta

Bar Alla Toletta is THE place for indulging in a Tramezzini with a variety of fillings in Venice. We discovered this bàcaro on an early morning walk when the pavement in front of it was swamped with builders polishing off one crustless sandwich after another. To be honest, we wouldn’t have noticed neither walked into this bar, hadn’t we seen the many locals queuing for Tramezzini. Now, Bar Alla Toletta has become a staple for us – there is no visit to Venice without choosing a few of the many options.

Bar Alla Toletta | Dorsoduro, 1191, 30123 Venezia

Acqua E Mais

Another place where lots of locals go and best known for serving Venetian style street food: fried seafood. We’ve been twice, once on a quiet weekend and once on a busy work day. I wouldn’t go there again during weekends as the food was a bit meh but I am glad we returned during a busy lunch break on a Monday. So make sure you stop there for a “Scartosso de Pesse” when all of the Venetian workers order their lunches as well.

Acqua e Mais | Campiello dei Meloni, 1411-1412, 30125 Venezia

Caffè Florian

Again, no visit to Venice for us without stopping here for a cup of coffee or snacks while listening to live music. Is it expensive? Yes! Is it worth it? Absolutely! We’ve been coming here for years  as we enjoy the atmosphere at Caffè Florian. Also, I always make sure to order their “Gianduiotto” (hazelnut ice cream topped with whipped cream, chocolate sauce and crushed hazelnuts) and that even though I am not an avid ice cream eater (weird, right?).

Caffè Florian | Piazza San Marco, 57, 30124 Venezia

Pasticceria Rosa Salva

Another staple when it comes to grabbing a quick bite to eat for breakfast is this little bakery. Pasticceria Rosa Salva is always crowded with locals and tourists alike. You can enjoy an excellent cup of coffee at the counter or order it to go. There are, however, also a few tables inside to enjoy the many pastries, which are replenished all day long.

Pasticceria Rosa Salva | San Marco, 950, 30124 Venezia

Torrefazione Cannaregio

This tiny caffè and coffee roaster is a bit off the beaten track but absolutely worth a visit. It’s a nice place to drink a cappuccino or espresso and buy some their special coffee blends to bring home.

Torrefazione Cannaregio | Fondamenta dei Ormesini, 2804, 30121 Venezia

If you haven’t been to Venice before, I recommend visiting for its beautiful architecture, vibrant and bustling squares, charming gondoliers and the unbelievably good cichéti.

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    E, this is a very detailed guide and there is really no way to say this other than you have just made me want to go there ans try ALL of these places out. I just hope I someday have the budget to do all this! If however my budget was low and I only had lets say 2 days in Venice which would be your top 3?

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