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19 Things To Do Before 2019

19 Things To Do Before 2019

I love writing lists. Be it for work or for private life, lists always make me feel better. They kind of calm me down. It’s as if everything is under control and nothing is about to be forgotten. Also, reading lists of others gives me great pleasure.  Much to my enjoyment, I’ve seen lots of lists popping up recently. There’s the ‘autumn bucket list’, the ‘what to do with your life in October’ list, etc. And I thought, why not joining in on the fun and publish my first list: 19 things I’ll do before 2019.

19 Things To Do Before 2019

  1. Sip on a good cup of coffee or hot cocoa outdoors while watching the world go by: Drinking coffee is great, but drinking coffee outside is even better. Look for a cosy coffee spot (Vienna has many of those), enjoy the crisp autumn air and watch people going about their lives.
  2. Develop a workout routine that you can stick to: I’ve always struggled to keep to a workout plan but these past few weeks I managed to squeeze in 2 workouts per week in addition to several long walks. And that feels fantastic. I hope to go through with it.
  3. Buy yourself flowers: As autumn is approaching and days get shorter and darker, buy yourself flowers to brighten your day.
  4. Spend less time worrying: That’s definitely a priority on my list. On yours, too? Far too often I tend to worry about things that just don’t matter. So instead of worrying, what about enjoying life a little more?
  5. Go to a concert: Now this a thing I look forward to amidst busy months.
  6. Make croissants from scratch: Ever since making a batch of the most delicious pains au chocolat I really want to make fresh croissants as well. They’d be perfect for cosy weekend at home.
  7. Work on a reading list for autumn/winter: Is there anything better than being curled up in bed reading a good book? “The Land Where Lemon Grow” by Helena Attlee has just made its way onto my list.
  8. Go to bed early and make sleep a priority: Due to my demanding job, sleep is often cut short. I plan on making sleep a priority for the remaining months of 2018.
  9. Practice self care and soak in a hot tub: this perfectly ties in with No. 8. Why not devoting more time to yourself? Have a relaxing bath and become engrossed in a delightful book.
  10. Carve out time in your busy day and spend it with loved ones: make talking to friends and family members a priority.
  11. Plan a weekend getaway: Especially when your next holiday is still far away, weekend getaways will help you to unwind, relax and recharge. We’ve planned several short trips for the upcoming weeks. We’re going on the first one this weekend and I can’t wait to live La Dolce Vita again.
  12. Try a new recipe: Cooking is my passion. I’ll make sure to try a new recipe and work on perfecting others.
  13. Spend a weekend doing nothing but binge-watching TV shows: I’ll keep this activity for a rainy weekend in order to watch BBC’s “Bodyguard” again. It’s soooo good.
  14. Book a table at a restaurant you’ve always wanted to try: As much as I love to cook, dining out is always such a pleasure. This autumn I will try to make reservations exclusively at restaurants I haven’t tried before.
  15. Do good and donate stuff: While decluttering your flat and getting your wardrobe ready for fall, find time to set aside things you no longer need.
  16. Take an afternoon/day off work once a week (or month): This might not be easy to do but I plan on taking some time off and enjoy life’s little pleasures.
  17. Learn something new: Why not going to dance class or taking part in a pottery workshop. The latter is on top of my list.
  18. Take a long stroll during a gorgeous autumn/winter day: Enjoy a lovely walk outdoors while admiring the piles of leaves around you or the first snow flakes.
  19. Prepare a delicious Sunday roast for friends: Good food and excellent company are two of life’s simplest yet greatest pleasures. You can’t start your week better than by having friends over.

Is there anything you would add to this list? As stated above, I always love to hear about other people’s plans and goals. So please, dear reader, let me know what’s on top of your list.


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  • Melissa Kacar
    6 years ago

    These are all great ideas! Thanks for sharing! :)


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