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Handbag Crush: My Classic Chanel Flap

Handbag Crush: My Classic Chanel Flap

I know a thing or two (or five?) about buying Chanel bags. I had been wanting to own a classic Chanel Flap for a long time, and then, in 2012, I finally splurged on this beauty. Initially, I was always put off by the price, however, I soon realized that this iconic bag doesn’t get cheaper. Quite the opposite is true. Since I call it my own prices have increased by €1,000, which is completely insane.

Anyways, I picked a special day to travel to Paris and to make the purchase in the famous Rue Cambon boutique. The service was fantastic and I couldn’t have been happier with the sales assistant showing me many different options. For my first Chanel bag, though, I wanted to play it safe and get a black one. Size, hardware and leather type are also important things to consider.

Chanel Flap 2.55

Of course, buying a Chanel bag is a considerable investment so you might ask yourself if it is worth getting this particular bag. A question that I would clearly answer with ‘yes’ and should you be toying with the idea of getting a Chanel bag yourself, get it now. As said above, prices are not going to decrease.

Chanel Flap 2.55

Chanel Flap 2.55

A difficult decision for me was the question regarding the hardware. After researching a lot, I decided that silver would be the best option for me. Black leather and silver hardware work with almost any outfit and, thus, can be easily worn from day to night.

Look at this quilting pattern. Isn’t it gorgeous?

I still love the flap bag as much as I did when I picked it up in Paris and as I chose a classic design, I can see myself wearing it for years and years to come.

“The heart wants what it wants…”

Emiliy Dickinson

Which bag have you been lusting after?

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