Sunless Tanning: My Favourite Bronzing and Self Tanning Lotions

I’m obsessed with a healthy glow but I don’t like to bask in the sun and that’s why I’m as pale as a ghost. A major problem if you ask me! But it’s also a problem that can be tackled easily: cue the self tanning products*.

Self Bronzing Lotions


LA MER The Face and Body Gradual Tan

This product gave me a wonderfully subtle glow for most of summer 2017. I’m on my third tube and will continue using this self tanning lotion as it is extremely easy to apply, blends well and has never left any streaks on my body. Additionally, it leaves skin well-nourished and doesn’t have this distinctive self tanning smell.

La Mer Tan


VITA LIBERATA Phenomenal 2-3 Week Tan Mousse in Fair

This product leaves your skin beautifully tanned. However, I think the mousse needs to be applied more carefully than La Mer’s tanning lotion as it does not develop gradually but gives you a glowing tan within minutes. You also need a tanning mit to apply it evenly and it doesn’t last for 2-3 weeks. To maintain a golden glow you’ll have to re-apply the product every 6-8 days.

Vita Liberata Tan


CLARINS Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster for Body and Face

These Clarins products are the latest additions to my collection of self tanning products and have convinced me from day 1. The drops of both bottles can be mixed with your favourite skin care products. After only using them for 3 consecutive days my skin has developed the most beautiful, even and sunkissed glow. What I like most is that I can reduce or intensify the tan by simply adjusting the number of drops and although the bottles are tiny, these tanning drops will last for ages. I’ve been using these drops every other day now for about 2 weeks and I love the results. These are phenomenal!

Clarins Golden Glow Booster


JAMES READ Gradual Tan

I ordered my bottle of James Read Gradual Tan in December 2018 and have been using it frequently before I discovered the absolutely amazing Clarins self tanning drops. The packaging, in my opinion, looks the prettiest but the product itself only produces mediocre results. Also, you need a tanning mit to apply this lotion. Furthermore, if you look closely at the very first picture you can see that the bottle leaks at the bottom which is a no-go. Well, at least the bottle looks great in my bathroom shelf.

James Read Gradual Tan


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