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La Bouche Rouge: A Sustainable Lipstick Brand

La Bouche Rouge: A Sustainable Lipstick Brand

During a recent trip to London I was lucky enough to be at the opening of the new Harrods Beauty Hall, which is undeniably a wonderland for beauty addicts. It was then that I heard of La Bouche Rouge* for the first time. I even had the chance to talk to the owner, Nicolas Gerlier.

Spoiler alert: this is the creamiest and most hydrating lipstick I’ve ever owned. My lips feel soft and shiny when wearing it.

What we stand for is that the future of beauty should be virtuous and circular, creating the desire to consume differently through craftsmanship, sustainable design and colors.La Bouche Rouge

Mr Gerlier told me that they are the first sustainable luxury brand focusing on creating pure and responsible lipsticks. This means they have put lots of thought into their environmentally-friendly ways of designing, producing, distributing and consuming a high quality beauty product. Clearly, preserving the environment lies at the heart of this company.

In other words, this company’s lipsticks are pure and clean. La Bouche Rouge produces its lipsticks in France and they are free from microplastics, preservatives, animal fat, parabens and paraffin. Additionally, they have hand-crafted refillable cases in an array of colours, which are going to last for a lifetime. Therefore, not only the finest leather is used but each case is also hand-stitched by an artisan.

Another noteworthy detail is that each lipstick comes in plastic-free packaging.

La Bouche Rouge The prettiest lipstick colour in Knightsbridge Nude.

La Bouche Rouge

The prettiest lipstick colour in Knightsbridge Nude.

Probably the chicest part of owning a La Bouche Rouge lipstick case is that it can be personalised with your initials. Mine was engraved by Mr Gerlier and a lovely Harrods SA. Isn’t it pretty?

*Disclaimer: I paid for the lipstick and case myself.

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