GUCCI Loafers

Growing up with a mother that wears heels for any occasion, I’ve never really enjoyed wearing heels myself. Nonetheless, when it comes to our love for shoes, we are the same and so far, I’ve accumulated quite an impressive collection of flat shoes. From pointy-toe, round-toe, satin, leather, patent-leather, suede, pink, red, yellow, to you name it, quite a few pairs are sitting in my shoe closet. Today, however, I want to write about a recently acquired pair of shoes* that I love to pieces: Gucci loafers.


Gucci shoe box


When I first tried on this particular shoe in the boutique in 2016 I was highly sceptical when my lovely sales assistant told me that this pair will be the comfiest addition to my shoe closet. They were tight and had a very stiff back part. Also, I struggled to put them on in my regular size. That’s usually a serious turn-off for me because even Birkenstocks give me blisters. And when you consider the hefty price tag they come with, you think twice before making such a major investment.


Gucci shoes


So why did I end up buying that pair of shoes, you might ask. Well, I really liked the style and I knew I could trust my SA. That girl is seriously the best! So fast forward 2 years and here we are again. I purchased the same style a second time. I will tell you why in a minute.


Gucci shoes


As it turned out, these loafers were really the most comfortable pair of shoes in my closet. Not once did they give me a blister and, thus, I wore my first pair a lot. And I really mean it when I say ‘A LOT’. Shortly after getting my first pair, Gucci launched this style in other colours as well and as I’ve loved these loafers so much, I ordered them in blue velvet and pink leather, too. But, of course, the black pair remained the most worn one.

Towards the end of 2017 I noticed that the condition of the leather deteriorated a lot. It became scaly and brittle and taking them with me on vacation probably wasn’t the best idea because the long-distance walking in Havana finished them off. I could now put my finger through the cracks in the leather.

As you’ve probably worked out, I wore the shoes all year round and that means even in winter. The salt on icy sidewalks almost certainly didn’t do the leather any favours. But see for yourself:


destroyed Gucci loafers


As I am sure that I am partly responsible for the damaged pair of shoes, I thought I’d get one more pair in order to see how they hold up when not being worn in winter. That’s why I purchased them again in black but waited to replace them until now so I wouldn’t be tempted to wear them while it’s still cold, wet and salty outside.

And, of course, there’s also a second reason for buying them again because you know what they say:


“If the shoe fits, buy it in every colour.”


*This post does contain affiliate links. /I paid for all products mentioned (obviously).

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Girl & Closet

Loving your Gucci loafers so much and how wonderful to hear they’re so comfy too… definitely important when investing in a pair of shoes. As for flats versus heels?! Right there with you, while I love wearing heels to dinner (especially since I’m going from underground parking to valet) I prefer flats, or sneakers for my everyday wear. I pretty much walk all the time and comfort is key!! xo



    Absolutely! Comfort takes priority!
    I can so relate to your story. I only wear heels when I can sit a lot.
    Have a great day!


For that price tag I’d hope to get more than a year out of a pair of shoes, but I do hope the second pair lasts longer. I suppose for a comfortable shoe, any cost is worth it.


    Well, to be fair, they lasted 2 years and as stated I wore them even in winter. Also, all the walking I did in them wasn’t probably the best idea. You know, even when I could have picked a pair of sneakers (e.g. on an 18km walk through Havana) I would always choose the loafers over any other pair. They are 100% more comfortable than any pair of trainers I own. Just a week ago, my Yeezy boost gave me blisters.

Maria Eugenia

These are seriously my dream shoes! I just bought the target dupes but i would give anything to have the real thing!
María Eugenia


    That sounds fantastic. Please show them on your blog. I’m kind of curious what they look like.


These shoes are absolutely gorgeous! I just wished that they made them in faux leather too since I don’t wear leather. I hope that you will be sharing some outfits with them!



    They are available in Velvet and also some kind of fabric. But I’m not sure about the soles of the shoes.. They might still consist of leather parts.


Looks so comfortable!


    Thank you for your comment, Danielle!


I agree with ‘If the shoe fits, buy it in every colour!’ This is exactly what I do too! I am really fussy with my shoes too and well I used to be a heel kinda gal but not so much anymore! So I’m always on the lookout for stylish BUT comfortable shoes!

d, xo from || https://www.livedreamcreate-d.com


    Thank you for your sweet comment, D! <3

Heather Rowland

These shoes looks absolutely gorgeous and I love the little finsihing line about buying them in every colour – I ccan totally relate to that!

Heather xoxo


    I think we all can. <3