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10 Things to Do in Havana, Cuba

10 Things to Do in Havana, Cuba

We returned from Cuba a while ago and after going through our pictures I decided to share a few photos and things you could do while in Havana with you. Be prepared for lots of pictures.

1. Walk, Walk, Walk …

Our number one rule is to walk as much as we can in every city we visit. Exploring a new area this way means being able to take it all in: beautiful buildings of a bygone era, stunning views and people going about their everyday business.

Havana Streets

Cuba Car Repair


2. Try Cuban Coffee and Street Food

Cuban coffee is the best. Not a single day went by without ordering a ‘Cafecito’ or ‘Cortadito’ in one of the many Havana “Cafeterias”. We are, however, a bit more picky when it comes to food but managed to try Cuban sandwiches, found a fun little pizza place, where the food is prepared on a rooftop and then lowered from a small balcony, bought fresh fruit from street vendors and had several ‘Cangrejitas’. These fried guava pastries are truly delicious and go well with a cup of ‘Cortadito’.

Cuban Coffee

Havana Street Market


Cuban BakeryCangrejitas


3. Have a Drink (or Two) at El Floridita

It doesn’t get more touristy than having a famous ‘Daiquiri” at El Floridita in Havana but when there are almost no visitors queuing outside you might be lucky to get a complimentary cocktail mixing lesson.



4. Pay a Visit to the ‘Museo de la Revolución’

Havana has many sights to offer but the Museum of the Revolution is probably the country’s most important exhibition documenting its history. The photo below was taken from one of the many windows of the museum:

Museo de la Revolucion


5. Have Lunch or Dinner at ‘La Guarida’

I wrote about this restaurant here in detail and although Havana has a lot of great restaurants to choose from, this is by far our favourite.

La Guarida Havana


6. Make a Stop at ‘Plaza de la Revolución’

As you cannot ignore Cuba’s history while there, why not visiting Revolution Square? It is home to two murals of Cuba’s iconic revolutionary heroes.

Plaza de la Revolucion


7. Take a Ride in a Classic Car

Pick one of the many vintage cars and go for a spin. Also, ask your driver to take you along the Malecón. Of course I had to choose a pink 50’s convertible.

Havana Classic Car


8. Say ‘Hi’ to José Martí

This Cuban hero is omnipresent. Almost every town and village has a statue or a street named after him. This one below is in ‘Parque Central’ in Havana.

Jose Marti


9. Have a Drink at Sunset at a Rooftop Bar

During our holiday in Havana we stayed at Gran Hotel Manzana Kempinski La Habana, which was fantastic. The location is exceptionally outstanding and perfect for exploring the city on foot. The best part, however, is the rooftop terrace. The view from up there is breathtaking and that’s why we loved enjoying a sundowner every evening.

Sunset in Havana


10. Stroll along El Malecón

By strolling along the Malecón you will experience Havana from another perspective. We loved taking in this vibrant city by walking all the way down to Hotel Nacional for some Mojitos.

Malecon Havana


Aaaand that’s it. Our vacation in Havana was truly magical and I’d love to put more things to do in Havana on this list. Have you ever been to Havana and would you add any tips?


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  • 6 years ago

    so ein toller post! Da kriegt man richtig fernweh! Meine Eltern waren vor Jahrzehnten in kuba und schwärmen heute noch davon, und nach deinem post ist havana definitiv auf meiner bucket list:)


    • E
      6 years ago

      Havanna war wahnsinnig toll. Ich hab schon am Flughafen bei der Abreise gesagt, dass das sicherlich nicht mein letzer Besuch war. XO

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