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Victoria Beckham x Estée Lauder Collaboration

Victoria Beckham x Estée Lauder Collaboration

As a make-up lover I felt pretty excited when I got my hands on the this fall’s Victoria Beckham and Estée Lauder collection. I have been a fan of Estée Lauder products for a long time. The company’s Double Wear Foundation is my holy grail. After seeing these beautifully packaged products I knew I had to get them. In total I picked up 4 items at the beauty counter. I  have been using them for about 3 weeks now: the Morning Aura Illuminating Creme, the Skin Perfecting Powder, the bronzer in Saffron Sun and, probably my favourite product of the collection, the highlighter in Modern Mercury.

 Let me tell you, the products are as good as they look. The compacts are weighty, feel wonderfully luxurious and are densely pigmented. So a little goes a long way. Morning Aura not only hydrates but also transforms dull skin within seconds to glowing, healthier looking skin.

The shimmering highlighter with it’s rose gold hue looks fantastic on my pale skin but the best product in this collection is undoubtedly the Skin Perfection Powder. This translucent powder rather leaves you with flawless skin as it blurs pores and sets your make-up.

Have you tried any of the products in the collection?

Disclaimer: This post is NOT SPONSORED – I bought everything myself and there are NO AFFILIATE LINKS.

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