My Skincare Routine: Morning and Evening

Skin first, make-up second. I sincerely believe that when you take exceptionally good care of your skin, you don’t have to cake on make-up. That’s why I’d like to show you my skincare routine*. However, as skincare is extremely personal, I’d like to say that what works wonders for me, might not be suitable for you.


La Prairie skincare


My AM Skincare Routine:

I start my morning and evening skincare routine by washing my face. I chose not to write about my cleansers as I have yet to find products that completely wow me. The next step is using La Mer’s The Cleansing Micellar Water, which I swear by. It’s so good! In the morning it soothes and hydrates and in the evening it removes make-up.


La Mer skincare


So after I soak a cotton pad and put micellar water all over my face, I continue by applying La Prairie’s Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Emulsion on both my face and neck. This lightweight cream brings life to my face. It reduces the look of fatigue and dryness.


La Prairie skincare


For my lips I use another La Prairie product. It’s called La Prairie Anti-Aging Eye & Lip Perfection and comes in a really cute compact which holds two products: a lip balm and an eye cream-gel. However, I don’t like the eye cream so I really only use it to treat my lips.

Then I will apply primer with SPF, a tiny amount of matte skin tint by NARS, bronzer, highlighter and mascara and I am good to go. I wrote about my favourite highlighter and bronzer here.


La Prairie skincare


My PM Skincare Routine:

At night, after removing my make-up I will apply the Hyalu Repair Serum by Apot.Care. I’m totally crazy about hyaluronic acid and this particular product is fantastic. It moisturizes, plumps and leaves a stunning glow on my skin.


Apotcare skincare


As a final step I apply La Prairie’s Anti-Aging Stress Cream. This moisturizer is by far my holy grail. As I often suffer from dry and dehydrated skin I like to slather it on. It has a lovely smell, feels luxurious and absolutely does wonders for my skin. After applying this cream I wake up with a glowy and well-rested complexion.


La Prairie skincare


Once or twice a week I will also apply La Prairie’s Cellular Hydralift Firming Mask. It delivers an instant boost of hydration and firmness.


La Prairie skincare


The only product missing in my skincare routine? Eye cream! I’m still looking for my holy grail product. I’m testing a few at the moment but as my eye area is particularly sensitive it proves difficult. Have you found the most perfect eye cream yet? Would you mind sharing it with me?

*This post does contain affiliate links. /I paid for all products mentioned.


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You have a long routine there! I usually just do my facial cleanser, eye cream and moisturiser or suncream depending on my mood! hahah! I guess that has worked for me up to now but lately my skin is very dry and so I will be in search of some products! Thank you for letting us in on your products and routine, this will help me a lot!

D, xo