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La Guarida | Havana, Cuba

La Guarida | Havana, Cuba

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“Welcome to La Guarida!” was the first thing we heard (and read on the menu) after we had climbed 2 flights of grand marble stairs. We knew well in advance that we’d like to dine at this splendid paladar and, thus, had made reservations (yes, plural!) at La Guarida months before our arrival.

The privately owned restaurant is located in an area that is rather deprived and a stark contrast to La Habana Vieja, the touristy city centre of Havana. We’d never have expected that such a superb restaurant is located in this part of the town.


Paladar La Guarida


La Guarida was opened in 1996 in a beautiful but crumbling former palace. It is said that many families live in this building nowadays, which can be seen in the picture below. On the ground floor we were greeted by the cheesiest Christmas decoration and a telenovela.

Paladar La Guarida


La Guarida is also home to probably the most iconic and most photographed staircase in all of Cuba. Can you spot the old, cracking stucco walls?

Paladar La Guarida


The first floor, however, is used to dry tablecloths and napkins. Quite a sight to see! The tablecloths waving in the wind on the washing line create an airy, calm and homely atmosphere. Go there around lunch time to see for yourself.

Paladar La Guarida Paladar La Guarida


The charm of a table set with colourful but mismatched plates, cutlery and glasses cannot be denied.

Paladar La Guarida


This dish was probably my favourite dish from their menu. We shared La Guarida’s Spinach Crêpes Filled with Chicken and Served on Wild Mushroom Sauce and Minced Beet as a starter.

Paladar La Guarida


Another tasty dish was their Suckling Pig in Orange and Honey Sauce.

Paladar La Guarida


We also shared Fried Plantain Chips as a side dish.

Paladar La Guarida


Of course, we also had to order Ropa Vieja and Moros y Cristianos, two all-time Cuban classics.

Paladar La Guarida


We ended our fantastic meal by sharing La Guarida’s Tres Leches Cake. What a treat! And yes, their Cortadito is excellent as well.

Paladar La Guarida


La Guarida, 418 Concordia
La Habana, Cuba


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  • 6 years ago

    Wow, very impressive! Everything looks so tasty even though I have no idea what some of the dishes are.LOL! I will be noting this place down for when I get the chance to go to Cuba in the future!

    • E
      6 years ago

      La Guarida should definitely go on your list. I’d absolutely reserve a table there again.

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