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By now you know that the BF and I are foodies. We’ve been incredibly fortunate to have dined at some of the best restaurants. There was a sumptuous dinner at L’Enclume in the Lake District (Simon Rogan), a splendid dining experience at L’Osteria Francescana in Modena (Massimo Bottura), a delicious dinner at Fera at Claridge’s in London (again, Simon Rogan), a great feast at La Guarida in Havana and, most recently, we had a fantastic lunch date at Simon Rogan’s “new” London restaurant called Roganic.

What started as a pop-up in 2011 is now a permanent restaurant in Marylebone and, thus, I’m going to share some impressions of a truly memorably experience at Roganic and all these utterly elaborate dishes we enjoyed there.


Simon Rogan Marylebone


Upon arrival at Roganic we received a fancy white envelope containing the menu, which left us very impressed. In total, the menu comprised 13 dishes and all of them were wonderful. Here are some of them:


Native Oyster, Trout Roe

A quite successful interpretation of an oyster, which, to be honest, I wouldn’t have eaten in it’s natural form.

Simon Rogan Marylebone


Chicken and Squid

An exceptionally crispy, succulent and tasty chicken nugget.

Simon Rogan Marylebone


Asparagus, Bone Marrow, Leek Ash

I’ve had lots of asparagus before but this one dusted with leek ash was phenomenal.

Simon Rogan Marylebone


Peas, Ox Tongue, Mint

Although I am Austrian and Austrians like to eat “unusual” dishes, eating offals and other odd varieties of meat, is something I’ve never understood. I’m rather picky when it comes to meat and, hence, I’ve always asked myself why on earth someone would even consider eating anything like it. However, I made a promise, which I intended to keep, to myself beforehand. That promise was: Try everything. And that I did. The lovely presentation of the dish with edible flower petals made it easier for me to try and I’m glad I did.

Simon Rogan Marylebone


Radishes, Mackerel, Sorrel

Another elaborate dish we enjoyed a lot.

Simon Rogan Marylebone


Cabbage, Crab, Horseradish, Chicken

This was one of our favourite dishes. So unbelievably tasty.

Simon Rogan Marylebone


Monkfish, Mussel, Seaweeds

Another one of our favourites. An absolutely scrumptious fish dish.

Simon Rogan Marylebone


Dry Aged Cornish Lamb

Just one word: Fantastic. What I also liked is that when I asked for my piece of meat to be very well done – see above, I am a picky meat eater – they met my wish. And that does not happen often. In most restaurants this request gets wrapped up in a discussion which dampens my mood. So, thank you, Roganic!

Simon Rogan Marylebone


Strawberry, Buttermilk, Yoghurt

We thoroughly enjoyed devouring this first dessert we were served. It was wonderful. Also, the little elderflower petals that were meticulously placed on top of the strawberries added so much flavour to this dish. At Roganic they also serve the best custard made with buttermilk.

Simon Rogan Marylebone


Caramelised Apple, Douglas Fir

Now this “apple tart” was out of this world. I wanted to order a second helping as it was easily the best dessert I’ve ever had. Do you see the incredibly thin apple ribbons?

Simon Rogan Marylebone


Smoked Juniper Fudge and Donuts

These two courses of dessert were the last dishes served. They were not listed on the menu but went so well together with our cups of coffee and, thus, rounded off a scrumptious lunch experience.

Simon Rogan Marylebone


All in all, we had an incredibly delicious lunch date at Roganic. There wasn’t one dish we did not enjoy.

And there’s more. Once you’re ready to leave, they send you off with a little goodie bag containing a flavourful bergamot fruit scone, home-made blackberry jam and a tea bag and just like that, afternoon tea is ensured. As the jam was out of this world, too, I’d really, really love to know the exact ingredients.

Superb food, excellent service and the thoughtful parting gift are definitely the reasons that make you want to return.


Roganic, 5-7 Blandford St
Marylebone, London


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Girl & Closet

Ah, stunning, stunning!! I love the presentation and that asparagus does sound phenomenal. My hubby & I love trying new restaurants and are lucky to have some fantastic one’s here in vancouver. Can’t wait to do more of that this summer!! xo



    Oh, fantastic! Are you going to blog about them?
    Can’t wait to read about Vancouver’s restaurant scene!


This place looks beyond PHENOMENAL! FOr me, the way the food is presented is almost more of the reason I go to a nice restaurant rather than the way the food tastes haha! Okay maybe not but you get my point! The way the food is presented shows how talented the chef really is and his passion towards what he does. After eating at lovely places like this I am never satisfied with my food ever again pretty much! I’m glad you had a wonderful time here :D



    Haha, I totally understand what you’re saying!
    Happy weekend!


These presentations are so beautiful. The apple tart looks delicious!



    The apple tart was my favourite. I’m already contemplating to recreate it.
    Happy Weekend!


These dishes look so unique and tasty! The desserts especially look amazing!

KHVDIJA | http://www.khvdija.co.uk


    The desserts were the best part, Khadija!
    I live for them <3.
    Happy Weekend!


This place looks AH-MAZING! Great presentation and good portions for a 13 course menu. I must say you are very daring with trying the ox TONGUE….NOt sure if I would be able to do that MYSELF.

D, xo || from https://livedreamcreate-d.com


    Well, I wanted to stick to my promise, that’s why I tried.
    And, surprisingly, it was really good!
    Happy Weekend, D!

Linda Libra Loca

I just returned from lunch and now I am hungry all over again. It not only Looks delicious, but so well presented!

Anne|Linda, Libra, Loca


    We loved the presentation of these dishes as well. I mean, after all, you eat with your eyes first.
    Thanks for leaving a comment!


Oh my goodness! The food presentation is amazing

Lizzie | Takeoffs & Landings


    Right? We were floored as well.
    Happy Weekend!


All of the dishes look so amazing. I am not a fan of all those weird foods as tongues, but here these present themselves rather stunning and I would love to try it out – especially with the edible petals. I also love the apple pie, it looks truly great!


    Same here, Dorota. But the presentation of the dishes made it easier for me to try.
    Happy Sunday <3

Elegant Duchess

I love dIscovering new places in london and i havent been to this restaurant Yet! Im a huge foodie and just cant get enough of dining out. Thanks for sharing 💖😘💞



    If you have the chance to visit Roganic, you should absolutely go. It’s fantastic and as a foodie, you’ll love it!


OOh what gorgeous looking food! x

Kate Louise Blogs


    Thank you for leaving a comment!


Wow, I’m loving the beautiful presentation of the food! Each dish looks like a work of art! Thanks for sharing!



    Right!? They really know what they are doing: the dishes not only look great, they also taste absolutely divine!