Ouefs en Cocotte: Eggs in pots with an Italian Twist

You’re in for an EGG-cellent breakfast treat and I’m not EGGS-aggerating (I’m sorry, I had to!). I’ve been testing and adapting this ouef cocotte recipe ever since I came across it on Food52 about 3 weeks ago. We’ve had these ‘eggs in pots’ so many times by now and still cannot get enough. They are just perfect.


ouef en cocotte


To prepare 2 ouefs en cocotte you’ll need:

  • 2 mini cocottes (we use these* here)
  • 2 eggs
  • 30g Gouda cheese
  • 30g cream cheese
  • 20g pesto
  • 6-8 cherry tomatoes
  • salt and herbs to taste
  • 2 drop of olive oil


ouef en cocotte


Start by preheating the oven to 200°C and brushing the insides of the cocottes with olive oil and then equally divide the ingredients. First, add diced tomatoes and salt them. Continue by adding diced cheese and then scoop in cream cheese and pesto. Finally, crack the eggs into a bowl and carefully slide them on top of the cream cheese and pesto. Your cocottes can then be placed in a small baking dish.


ouef en cocotte


Pour boiling hot water into the baking dish about half way up the sides and then place it on the middle shelf of your oven for about 15-18 minutes. I start checking on the eggs after about 13 minutes and bake them until the whites are completely set and the yolks begin to thicken. Once they are done, sprinkle chopped chives over the eggs.


ouef en cocotte


Dig in to reveal the molten, gooey and cheese centre of your ouef cocotte dish.


ouef en cocotte


And it will taste even better when you replace the spoon with a slice of fresh baguette. We’ve been getting ours at Parémi, a French bakery in the heart of Vienna. They also have the best croissants if you ask me! But back to the ouefs en cocotte: just look at that! Doesn’t this make your mouth water?


ouef en cocotte


It’s a very simple but also very tasty and special recipe for breakfast or brunch. You’ll love it. Just give it a go this weekend!

ouef cocotte ouef cocotte ouef cocotte ouef cocotte ouef cocotte *This post does contain affiliate links.


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Everything looks so yummy


    Thank you for stopping by, Laura!


Now to be honest…RUNNY EGGS ARE NOT MY JAM! bUT SERVED THIS WAY just might make me change my mind, looks delish!


    Haha, I understand. Good thing though, the eggs can be baked as long as you want in the oven.


This looks amazing!! I might just have to try it, with the baguette of course. (I love baguettes) ;)


    Oh, you’ll love them, especially with baguette “spoons”. Enjoy!

Lisa Wingerter @ https://meandmymomfriends.com

These look really great! going to have to try them


    Thank you, Lisa! Hope you like the recipe!